Wednesday, 27 July 2011

REUSE AND RECYCLE TIPS-Lets adorn mother earth with a green shawl!!

There was a Buddhist monk whose dress tore and the Buddha asked what did you do with it, and he said I made a sheet to cover myself in the cold, and when that tore, the Buddha asked again and he said, I stiched into a door mat to absorb wetness and again when that too tore, he said I used it as a mop to wipe the temple floor clean and when that too disintegrated into shreds, the Buddha asked, "What did you do with that?" and the monk said, "That is the wick that lights the lamp now at your altar Oh Enlightened One!"
--Taken from a post from Swahilya Shambhavi.

Don't throw away CDs.

  • Use them as coasters.
  • Put them under your pots to protect your floor from getting marked.
  • Use them as mirror for plugging into device backed up against a wall, a computer etc.
  • Punch a hole on the top of all of them and string them together to make a photo album.
  • Write with a marker pen on the mirrored side, the information required, and use them as labels.
  • string them together and make a lovely and unique curtain.
  • Stick it under a paper plate to make it stiff while eating, and then retain it while disposing the plate.
  • Use it as a candle stand .
  • Cut it into different shapes and use them for decorating.