Friday, 2 September 2011

My experience with Switch Words

Sometimes, some things happen in your life that force you to believe in miracles.

Switch words came into my life like miracles, showing me miracles.

What are switch words?
A gentleman named James Mangan wrote a book called, “The Secret of Perfect Living” wherein he gave a list of about 100 words which worked miracles in the day-to-day life and named them "switchwords" since they worked like switches--shedding light on the problem area and solving them effectively.
Switch words are single affirmative words that works directly with the subconsciousness mind, bypassing the rational or the logical mind and giving the desired results. Repeating switch words for a particular task or goal gives fast results.

Out of the 100 such switchwords, one very popular switchword is, "REACH"--this switchword is used to find lost or misplaced items, or recall names or numbers or some forgotten information.

My experience with the switchword "REACH"

Being a Hindu, I usually wear gold ornaments during festivals. After one such occasion, I misplaced my gold earrings and panicked! I searched everywhere, but could not find them. I racked my brains, but drew a blank! After extensively searching them everywhere, I suddenly remembered about having read about switchwords and how they help in finding things. It was the last attempt. I searched the net and found that the switchword for finding lost items was, "REACH" I felt really ridiculous chanting it, but wanted to try anything that would get me my lost errings! I started chanting "REACH" repeatedly in my mind without much conviction. For one whole day, I repeated the word and waited for some sort of miracle, but nothing happened! That night, I went to bed with a heavy heart and laughed at myself for believing in silly things. Next day, I repeated the switchword unknowingly and went about my daily routine. To take away my mind from worries, I decided to clean my dressing table and started emptying the drawers. In one such drawer full of all makeup tubes and pencils, I saw a tiny plastic lock bag, which looked familiar, and Lo! and Behold! inside were my precious gold earrings!! I could not believe my luck and at the same time I realized that I was still chanting "REACH" in my mind! I laughed out and hugged myself with joy. I very sincerely thanked the switch word for helping me and also apologized for not having faith. Frankly, to this day, I have no idea how those earrings appeared inside the makeup drawer of the dressing table!!

After this incident, I took a printout of all the switchwords and now use them according to my needs, successfully.

"COUNT" is a switch word for money and "HOLE" is a switch word for attraction--want to try them?

"BE-TOGETHER-WITH-DIVINE ORDER"(A positive switch word string for wellness)


  1. Great. shall try the word'count'. :)

  2. Thanks maam!! coming from you is a great complement!!

  3. Thanks Maniniji. Very shortly, I am going to upload a list of switchwords which are useful in day-to-day life. Also I am going to post an article on the switchwords I used for my son's study program when he was studying for his 10th boards. Hope you will like that too!