Friday, 15 July 2011

GURUPOORNIMA.........Benevolent Bonding On A Full Moon

GURUPOORNIMA...A Full Moon Day with a Difference....

In almost all religions, full moon has its own meaning and importance. In Wicca too, it has a special significance.

Right from my early childhood, I have had a curious fascination for it. It was only after I grew up and studied astrology, did I get the connection. I am born on a Full Moon Day myself, and therefore more intuitive and moody then others. But otherwise also, just as the oceans go mad on these days, so do humans, to a certain extent, since even our body contains 80% water. Our body is magnetised and our mind tuned to the finer channel than the mundane. Especially, the full moon of fine tunes our mind and psyche toward the spiritual messages directed to us by the Masters. A special magnetic bonding between the Master and the Disciple takes place on this auspicious day.

In Sai Satcharitra, Sri Baba tells us the importance of a Guru, or a teacher by giving an example of taking a guide with us when going to an unknown place so that we may not be lost. In the same way, when we embark upon the unknown journey of Life, a proper Guide is need to show us the right path. Who better than our Reverend Guru to show us the path of enlightenment? Saint Kabir said that if both the Guru and God appeared before him, he would first bow to his Guru, because without his guidance, how on the earth was he able to even take a glance at God?

Today..this Gurupoornima, has a special meaning to me, because on this day,  I started writing on my blog which was standing since many days waiting for me to do something! so here I am, or am I(the spelling of ami).....Ami :) 

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