Thursday, 14 July 2011

Being Spiritual

The other day I was surfing through the Internet and came across a blog which had put up a question-what does being spiritual mean?

I started writing my answer and immediately got caught up in different viewpoints myself. I took a sneak peak into some of the answers, and found that they varied from mundane to real eye-openers!

I think that we can compare the term to water. Just as it takes its shape according to the container, so does the term takes its meaning according to the soul. Not only that, it changes its meaning as we move from one level of concienceness to another.

In Krishna concienceness, its the Bhaktiyog. The Shiva concienceness speaks of Adwaita - that is, coming to a single source from Duality. Whereas Christ concienceness is Healing. And attaining Buddhahood, is attaining Enlightenment. In a way, it is like asking the obvious - is there LIFE? GRAVITY? GOD?!!!

According to me, where the physical world ends, the world of spirits starts - hence the word, SPIRITUAL. It is the state of mind where logic dies before a state of infinite vastness. Very much similar to closing doors of a dark room and stepping out into a vast garden filled with sunlight!!

A state of infinite bliss, but contained within, what the Hindus call - a state of being STHITAPRAGYA.

Blessed Be and NAMASTE to ALL!!!!!!!!!

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