Monday, 19 September 2011

FENG SHUI in everyday life

 You need not know feng-shui to get the benefits of it in your life. Just remember some simple and easy to follow points and start receiving the good energies in your house and in turn, your life.

 What does feng-shui mean?

Feng-shui literally means wind-water. When these elements are in harmony, it gives the benefits of harmonious and happier living condition in life. The smooth flow of energy in our house ensures healthy and happy vibrations in our home and life.

What can a layman do to ensure good feng-shui in the house?

Any person can follow a simple but common thumb-rule to get good results of feng-shui. Simply concentrate on removing the negative energies from the house or the office because bad feng-shui also enters the house unknowingly due to some small and seemingly insignificant factors.
I am giving a broad outline about this by giving some examples of bad feng-shui entering or affecting the house.

  • Make sure that the main entrance is not hindered by a pole or a wall.
  • Donot place a mirror in front of the main entrance nor the door of the bathroom should face the main door.
  • A revolving staircase in the house gives a bad effect.
  • Donot keep the doors of the toilets and also the toilet seats open.
  • Donot keep knives and scissors in the open.
  • Dispose broken mirrors, stopped clocks and non-working items.
  • Take care that leakage of water tanks and water taps are avoided.
 Over and above these point, the simplest way to get rid of the negativity is to "clear the clutter, or de-cluttter".

What does "clutter" mean?

Any thing you don't need is considered a clutter. Like piling of old magazines you have not read since the past one year, or the pile of papers besides the bed or a mound of clothes which are useless...all these things create physical clutter and  things on mental or energetic level is called space clutter, for eg: unfinished projects.Do not overload the house with too much of antic pieces or clutters the good energy from flowing freely into the house.

What are its effects?

Too much clutter can drain the energy and bring depression along with fatigue. Open spaces open up the mind and lightens the body. It can affect the decision taking ability. Low 'chi' often brings a financial crisis in the business.

How to 'de-clutter'?

You can start out with  disposing off the old memorabilia like old letters, drawings, photos and definitely all the negatives of the photos. You can start out with your bedroom by keeping 3 boxes marked, 'things to keep', 'trash' and 'things to be disposed or given to the charity'.

Once the 'de-cluttering' is done, then your job is done, though it is an ongoing process. You have now created an environment wherein you are inviting the positive 'chi' energy to grace your house, and your life!!

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