Saturday, 22 October 2011

Please empower the girl/woman. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, thinker, writer and everything connected with the brain. Don't judge her only by her looks, her appearance and don't be afraid by her sharp thinking. She is just like you.....only a little more gentle, more emotional, more sensitive. Just like you, she may be black, fat, a little are you. The more you appreciate her, the more she will be secure and the more she will be secure, the more secured will the society, in general. After all, who gives birth to the society?

Friday, 14 October 2011


A window into the personality of Jagjit Singh

I thank God for giving me the opportunity of knowing Jagjit Sing, the famous gazal singer, albeit for a very short period. In those two meetings with the maestro, I got  the opportunity to know him from close qaurters and recognize the simplicity and  genius of the man. A truly gifted artist , no doubt, but a much much better human being , I could see. Not to forget the razor sharp mind! His concerts were so lively, filled with jokes, lightening the heaviness in the atmosphere. He could literally make the audience dance according to his tunes and his velvety voice would simply float out into the night like beautiful waves of gentle fragrance, caressing your ears and intoxicating your mind and capturing your heart!!

This is what the media had to say about him :

 I remember this gazal today, with a heavy heart and wet eyes..........

sadma hai mujhe bhi ke tuJhse juda hoon main
lekin ye sonchtaa hoon ke ab tera kyaa hoon main

biKhraa pada hai tere hi ghar mein tera wajood
bekaar meHfilon mein tuJhe dhoondtaa hoon main

naa jaane kis adaa se liya toone mera naam
duniya samaJh rahee hai ke sab kuCh tera hoon main

le mere tajurbon se sabak ae mere raqeeB
do chaar saal umR mein tuJhse bada hoon main 
God Bless his soul......Rest in Peace,