Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gratitude....As a Daily Prayer.

Prayers are the best method to combat problems. They are a direct dialogue between a Higher presence and us. However, many a times, either we do not know what to say or how to say them.

I found out a very effective method of praying - just being thankful about anything and everything!

I simply start out with common things like being thankful for giving me such a beautiful childhood, a healthy body, understanding parents, supporting friends, a forgiving partner, so on and so forth. And as I get into the mood, then as the list of thanksgiving goes on increasing, a great wave of gratitude washes over me and peace prevails in my heart.

After this wonderful experience, I started keeping a list of things and events and people with me, to give my thanks.

The one great advantage of giving gratitude is that it diverts our mind from its woeful tale of how everything is not working out for us, and turns it around to give a positive light to what all we are lucky enough to have with us!!

Another quite effective method , is to keep a journal or maintain a gratitude diary.

Thank you All.....God Bless,

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