Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Spirituality and Gandhi.........to Anna Hazare-A full circle!!

It is a well known fact that Mahatma Gandhi resorted to Rama Naam Japa before tackling an issue. Whenever he was backed up into a corner, or was faced with a difficult situation, he would retreat to his Ashram's riverside and meditate on the flowing river Sabarmati. Maa sabarmati has found solutions for him by being present with him in his inner turmoil.She has been the silent witness to this great thinker's dilemmas.With her presence in Spirit and Rama naam, he has come upon revolutionary and unique solutions to complex and almost impossible problems.

Any struggle for truth cannot be overcome without a solid backbone of spirituality to lend it an authentic voice to it.Any great leader of his time, has invariably taken the inner support of spirituality in his own way. It is the true pathfinder and the force behind any revolution for the TRUTH. Sri sri Maa Anandmayi once gave a scintillating guidance to Mrs. Indira Gandhi,former Prime Minister, India, " Be with the TRUTH. Let it be your true guide."

Anna Hazare has said, "The time for second freedom struggle has begun...Time has come, my countrymen, when there should be no place left in jails in India" Is this enough to shake us out of our complacency?

May all my countrymen awaken to their true Budhha nature, and be the Light Beings of Mother Bharati!!!!

God Bless, NAMASTE!!!!!!